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As a student or a professional don’t miss the great opportunity to be part of an experience that will not only change your life, but also develop your social and entrepreneurial skills.


Meet wonderful places hidden in the beautiful rural Colombia


Entrepreneurs will teach you everything you need to live in the countryside


Share your professional knowledge and experience with others

Meet people

You will live for a few days in a colorful country of many cultural contrasts

What is MotorSocial?

Motor Social is a project created by Value4Chain that targets students and professionals with different experiences and backgrounds. It gives them the great opportunity to travel to Colombia, work with local entrepreneurs that have been excluded from the society. As well, they will receive a very interesting training that focuses on themes such as entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, social inclusion, value chains and financial education.

Why are you going to love Colombia?

It is

  • A country full of nature, passion, enthusiasm and optimism
  • Very diverse in terms of climate, landscape and history
  • A place where people are excited to be entrepreneurs
  • A country that works hard by having strong goals for a better future




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The following are the steps you will follow in MotorSocial

1. Preparation of an experience

During the first three days of the program, you have the great possibility to visit Bogota’s historic center of “La Candelaria”. It is the neighborhood in which you will be staying at first. It will enable you to discover the most attractive and traditional places of the city.

Value4Chain will hold several workshops for the participants of MotorSocial program in Bogota. These workshops give you the opportunity to receive training on entrepreneurial and innovations trends in Colombia in order to tackle the challenges that exist in the heart of the Departments of Cundinamarca, Tolima and Meta.

2. Let the adventure begin!

For the next days, you will travel to a local area of Colombia where you will finally meet rural entrepreneurs with whom you will have to work together.

Your challenge is to tackle the problems that these entrepreneurs are facing in their businesses of arts, crafts, cultural promotion and agricultural products in order to find a solution to help them improve their approaches.

The experience will be even more powerful by living with the locals where you can get to know each other better, exchange knowledge, traditions, know and live traditional and cultural practices.

3. Yes, you finally made it!

The last days of the experience, we will return to the city of Bogota where you will share your impressions and solutions. Therefore, a feedback session will be held.

Finally, you will get to relax, enjoy a farewell dinner and a closing ceremony, we guarantee that you have lived one of the best experiences of your life, but the most important thing is that you will have contributed to the construction of a development environment, focused mainly on areas that have been affected by the Colombian armed conflict and which today are in full reconstruction.

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As a student or a professional, why is this program made for you?

You will

  • Meet and Live with local people in different areas in Colombia
  • Put your academic and professional knowledge as well as skills into practice
  • Make new friends, coming from all over the world
  • Discover the wonders of Colombia
  • Learn about their culture and exchange your experiences with people that have different backgrounds
  • Get to be part of an awesome experience that will change your life



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